Privacy Policy


Bennett + Co is bound by the Australia Privacy Principles (APPS) under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and we are committed to ensuring the privacy of the information provided to us by our clients, and that the use of that personal information complies with those principles.

We understand how important personal information is to our clients and we set out below our policy on the use of such information. If you have any queries please contact our Chief Operating Officer Michael Harper on 08 6316 2200.

Our privacy policy

In the course of providing legal services to our clients it is necessary for us to collect personal information. We will not use or disclose personal information for a purpose other than that for which it was collected unless it is:

  1. a purpose which the individual would reasonably expect;
  2. a purpose required or permitted by law; or
  3. a purpose for which we have obtained the consent of the person providing the information.

Collection of personal information

We only collect the personal information that is necessary for us to be able to provide legal services to our clients. Instances when we collect such information include;

  1. taking instructions from clients to determine the type of legal service required;
  2. when required by law;
  3. when dealing with certain government agencies or departments;
  4. when dealing with other parties to a matter; and
  5. when dealing with courts or tribunals.

Personal information may include sensitive information such as ethnic origins, religious beliefs and health status.

Methods of collecting personal information

We collect personal information in client meetings, in writing, by telephone and email and through other methods of communication. This information is generally provided by the client in the course of giving us instructions to act.

From time to time it is necessary for us to collect personal information from third parties to ensure that we have the correct information to allow us to act. Examples of the type of third parties we may seek information from are:

  1. other parties’ lawyers;
  2. other parties to litigation, or a transaction;
  3. your agents and contractors, including banks and other financial institutions, finance brokers, stock brokers, insurance brokers, insurance companies, builders, settlement agents, financial advisers and accountants;
  4. statutory bodies such as DOLA and ASIC and other government agencies; and
  5. credit reference agencies and other information providing agencies.

Any personal information we collect from such sources will be used only in accordance with the above principles.

Purpose of collecting personal information

We use the personal information we collect to enable us to provide appropriate legal services to our clients, and to enable us to comply with our statutory requirements and those of our clients.

We may be required to disclose personal information to some third parties by law.

When we collect personal information we will take reasonable steps to ensure that the person the information is collected from is aware:

  1. of our full contact details;
  2. that they may access the personal information we have collected;
  3. of the purpose for which the information was collected;
  4. the types of third parties we will normally disclose or transfer personal information to;
  5. of any legal requirement on our part to collect the personal information; and
  6. of the possible consequences of us not disclosing personal information when required to do so by law.

Access to your personal information

You can access the personal information we have collected from you by advising our Chief Operating Officer in writing that you require such access. We will endeavour to provide you with that information within a 10 day period.

The circumstances in which we may not allow you to access that information include;

  1. where the information relates to legal proceedings with you;
  2. where disclosure would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others;
  3. where the information would reveal commercially sensitive decision making processes;
  4. where providing such access would prejudice certain investigations; and
  5. where we are required by law not to disclose the information.

Correction of inaccurate information

If you believe that any of the information we have collected about you is inaccurate and should be corrected then as soon as practicable after you advise us of the error we will review and update your information.

Use of information for marketing purposes

We will not provide your personal details to any other organisation for the purpose of marketing, but we may use that information to let you know about events such as seminars and charity events conducted or sponsored by Bennett + Co.

If at any stage you do not wish to receive such information and you contact us in writing to advise us of your wishes, we will remove your information from our marketing list.

Change in our privacy policy

If at any stage in the future we change our privacy policy, this document will be updated and republished on the B + Co website.

If you are unhappy with the use of your personal information

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients’ personal information, and if you are dissatisfied with either the manner of collection or the use of such personal information please contact our Chief Operating Officer to discuss the matter. His Details are as follows:

Michael Harper

Chief Operating Officer

Bennett + Co

Ground Floor, BGC Centre

28 The Esplanade

Perth WA 6000

Phone: 08 6316 2200